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Dawn Newby
Name Dawn Newby
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Hobbies love canoeing. and ziplining....
About Me I am a mother of five.. and work as a cna for 28 yrs now.. love being there for anyone who needs my help!
Dawn Newby
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211 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I written probably 15 times over the past year and I know you really dont get to read all of these,, but if you ever do actually read mine,,it would be a blessing... thats pretty much better than nothing,,, Id hoped to be one of those lucky winners this yr of the 12 days,, but better luck next year i guess,, thanks for giving me some hope for a better christmas but i still have faith,, love ya..

Dawn Newby
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238 days ago

Hi Ellen, I love your show.... Id like to say that over the years I have written to you many times about receiving your help with a few things,, when i was sick wit cancer all i wanted was for you to please help me wit providing small gifts for my children ,, but we made it thru those hard times.. and each and everytime i get in a situation i always say.. maybe ellen will help.. but i know my life isnt always all that bad,, and i seem to always pull tru it... i just want to thank you for reading my many emails about how id love to receive your help.. i do need a car that isnt gonna take every penny i make .. like the one i currently have,, ,, but i feel someone else will prob benefit from your giveaway,, but wanted to say if you feel like giving two away , please keep me in mind... just kidding... just wanted to make you laugh.. thanks for the great show... maybe just include me in your 12 days and ill be just as happy... thanks ellen,, god bless..

Dawn Newby
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585 days ago

I am sooo bummmmmmmed.... i never win anything ,, but Happy to see that someone is winning anyway... still brings joy watching everyone in your audience with shock on their face,,, Happy holidays everyone!