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Dawn Moneyhan
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Hobbies Aquarium keeping, wood burning, reading, and watching Ellen
About Me I'm a mother of 3, work as an aquatic specialist, and am married to a perfect man. We have a house full of pets and life is wonderful! :-)
Dawn Moneyhan
Quote of the Day: 'Finding Dory'
478 days ago

Congratulations on "Finding Dory"! While I'm looking forward to seeing the movie I am dreading a round 2 of what "Finding Nemo" brought to the pet industry in regards to aquarium fish. Thousands of marine fish died as a result. I pray you will do something to help us educate the public and save the fish this time around. A few reminders from you that it is NOT OK to keep Dory, Nemo, or any of their friends in a fish bowl, and something added to the movie credits (make it cute, a mention that no fish were harmed in the making of the movie... with a reminder that these animals cannot live in tiny aquariums or bowls) could be an easy way to save many innocent animals and help encourage conservation at the same time. Now is the time to act, while people are getting excited about the coming movie. Please help us save the innocent instead of contributing to the cause of their deaths.