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Dawn Diane Fink
Name Dawn Diane Fink
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Hobbies playing with my grandchildren, playing with my dogs, camping, sewing, walking through the woods on a cool fall day
About Me I am 57 years old. For approx. 20 years I was a secretary and approx. 10 years I was an admin. assistant. I lost my job due to health issues. I enjoy my grandchildren very much. I have 8 grandids ranging ages from 4 to 18. I only get to see 6 of them though. They make my life complete and I am so proud to be called the name "GRANDMA". I love my children and give whatever I can to them to make their lives easier. I make reversable dog coats, doggie dresses/jackets, doggie scarves and bandanas, human baby bibs, adult bibs, knitted scarves, doggie beds. Sewing calms me unless I get too tired and sew something inside out or backwards, then it gets a little stressful. If I didnt have my sewing I dont know what I would do.
Dawn Diane Fink
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581 days ago

You make me and my husband laugh every day even when we dont want to. My husband works nights and sleeps through the day, but sets his alarm for when your show comes on so he wont miss it. I am unemployed due to health issues and my husband works very hard and at his place of employment, he is not permitted to ever have sick days. If he gets sick and has to take off, he gets points and 8 points and he gets fired. God help us if he ever gets sick - for as long as he is employed there, which we are very thankful for, but he can never take off sick. How inhuman is that?

Dawn Diane Fink
Message from Ellen
597 days ago

Hello Ellen, I think I tweeted you correctly. I am not too good at this. Let me know if you get this message. Just want to let you know my husband and I enjoy you and your show very much. My husband works nights and sleeps through the day, but sets his alarm to wake up to make sure he watches you every day. You bring laughter and warmth into our hearts even on dreary sad days. Have a nice day.