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Davida Phillips
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Davida Phillips
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388 days ago

First of all I would like to share with you my life's ups and downs...I love how you help people thru their hardship and always being helpful. I'm writing to you guys, maybe you can help me. My problem happened about 5 yrs. ago after the lose of my husband of 12 yrs. to cancer. My son and I live together but been having financial problems...The reason that we are going thru this is because I'm not able to work anymore due to chronic arthritis and pain in my neck and back. My son is only 19 yrs. old and had to take the responsibility of our bills. It is killing me inside to see him going some things that I don't have control of. He always keep telling me, mom we will be alright, because God have control...He is so strong and wise...and I thank God for him. Yes, we do need some help and I hope that you can help us thru our hardship....Thank you, Davida

Davida Phillips
Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need
561 days ago

I think that it is so wonderful how you are always helping people in their needs. I will tear up everytime I watch you show. For myself, I have been struggling since my husband had died about 4 years now. Recently, I became ill and not able to work. We are about to lose our home and car because of lack of funds. Due to my illness and not able to work, I can not afford to go to the doctors and get all of the medications that I need. I'm only receiving my unemployment and that is not covering all my bills. MY son had made my cry because he had posted on facebook, " God I know that we are not to question your will, but just want to know why are we suffering so much. I have always provided for them, now he is worrying and trying to help me with some things. He is only 19 years old, no child should have to try and support their parent. Now he is deciding to quit school, but I don't want him to. PLease help....

Davida Phillips
Win a Two-Night Stay at The Venetian and The Palazzo Hotels -- And More!
580 days ago

I really would love to win this, I'm a single parent who has struggling for over 4 years. I had a job but had to stop working because of my illness. My son struggle to take care of me by hisself. It really made me cry when my son posted on the facebook, that he said I know God we are not to question your will but why do my mom have to suffer so much. I want to send me on a trip somewhere but not able to do it because we just don't have the funds...This would be a blessing for me and him to go somewhere. Love you Ellen.. I'm a faithful van.