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Dave Riel
Name Dave Riel
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Hobbies Music-both recorded,and live. Concerts, reading books. Spirituality and self-help. Volunteering, and making this world a little bit better than it was before I got here. Going to school. Also in an effort to suck up-watching Ellen!
About Me For me, it is all about PASSION! People, jobs, learning, cooking, and touching peoples' lives for the better. I do believe we are all here to help each other through this journey called life!
Dave Riel
Bethenny Frankel and Ricky Gervais
540 days ago

Hello, I am a first time commenter. I have a few thoughts about the Bethenny Frankel segment. First off, kudos to Ellen for airing it, as in today's feel good society, I believe that the majority of talk shows and hosts would not touch the subject. Not to mention the typical Ellen response of compassion and empathy. Even more kudos to Bethenny, for her bravery, honesty, and emotional openness with regards to her Divorce.
I was divorced back in 1987, and I have always told people that I would not wish divorce on anyone. However, I lost the love of my life, almost six years ago to Kidney Cancer. After going through that experience, I would not wish Cancer on anybody, not even my very worst enemy!
My wife and I met on in 2003. We were not perfect people, but we were perfect for each other. We were married on my 45th birthday, September 4th, 2005, (she was divorced for 22 years, and I for 18 when we tied the knot), and on the day she passed away, we were married for one year, five months, and three days. But, we spent the best 3 1/2 years of our lives together before she got sick, and you can't put a price tag on that!
Since she passed away, I have gone on to get my Associates Degree in Business Administration, and now I am two years into the Social Work program at Governors State University in University Park, IL. The goal is to get my Bachelors and Masters Degrees, then qualify to take the LCSW exam (Licensed Counselor Social Work). The ultimate goal is to become a licensed counselor and to specialize in Grief Therapy and Grief Counseling in order to help people through the grief journey, and to turn the negative of losing my wife in to a positive. After all, I believe like Ellen, that we are all here to help each other through this journey called "LIFE!"
The last four months have been a struggle, as I went in the hospital for foot surgery, and spent 2 1/2 months there, I had to drop my classes for the fall term due to the hospitalization, and I owe the college outstanding tuition money for the classes I dropped, as my financial aid has run out. And did I mention that my company has chose to not bring me back to work after the hospitalization, due to a bad economy, and the fact others have been let go, and hours have been cut?
I apologize, as I did not want this to come across as whining. I know that I will get through this tough time, after losing my wife, Jeanette, there is nothing I can't triumph over!
Which brings me to my final thoughts, which are addressed to Bethenny. I really don't know all that much about her, but I love her spirit and energy! And while this divorce business sucks beyond belief, (most certainly made even greater by the public nature of it), she will get through this and have good and bad days through the process. Also, just like Ellen, with her new, upcoming show, she will have the great opportunity to touch other lives, and help others get through the experiences she is going through now. What a wonderful gift to be given!
I wish Ellen and Bethenny nothing but the very best of continued and future successes, and thank you for touching my life, and the countless others you do not know about!
All the very best regards,
Dave Riel
Highland, Indiana