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Darlene Johansen
Name Darlene Johansen
Location Cape Coral, Florida
Age 60
Joined 237 days ago
Hobbies Arts and Crafts, cooking, baking
About Me A single/divorced woman who loves and needs laughter in my life. Would be wonderful to find a mate to share the second half of my life with :)
Darlene Johansen
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237 days ago

Hello my very funny and insightful friend to all people, Ellen. I am not destitute, but neither am I without keeping my head above water. I would like to sign up for the 12-Day Giveaway, but not for myself; would love to find, and there are plenty of those people, who I could re-gift to. OH, maybe I would keep something for myself, it's good to be treated every now and again, just need to pay things forward as well. You are the Master of Laughter in my heart; it sustains me for sure. Merry Christmas to you and your Portia :) My name is Darlene. Love ya!