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Darlene Graham
Name Darlene Graham
Location Rochester, NY
Age 56
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Hobbies My family and my pets
About Me I absolutely live and die for my family and furry family. I wish I could adopt every animal that needed me, I only wish I could do this then i would be fufilled.
Darlene Graham
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
601 days ago

What I want most right now in life is for our family to get over the death of my brother who was in a vegetative state for 18 years. We lost him in august, it was hard because even tho he was in that state, around the holidays we would go there and sing Christmas carols around his bed, and he use to cry, he could hear us. I also lost my job, and it saddens me that I just found out we are going to have our first grandchild, and I want to give him/her what we gave to our son. They tried for two years, and it just happened, so that was our Christmas miracle. Now I just want my brothers family and ours to be able to heal and move on. Your show always makes me smile, even when I am at my lowest. Thank You Ellen!! Your a truly inspirational woman! May God Bless you and Portia! <3