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Darlene Dennis
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About Me Dear Ellen, I have been a teacher, volunteer and accountant in my life. I am now disabled and practice yoga and line dance. I received a letter from President Clinton for being a volunteer of the year for a program I started afterschool for end of grade testing. I started this program to help my children with their achievement in school, as well as helping other children in the process. I now find myself with a degenerative spine, spinal stenosis, bursitis, colitis, anxiety disorder, reflux...the list goes on. I am trying to get qualified for an electric wheelchair or scooter...whatever I can receive through medicare. I was declared disabled in 2007 and find myself quickly declining into a bed ridden world. wish list is to take my granddaughter who turns 7 on Dec. 18th, to Disney World before I can no longer travel. I would appreciate any assistance you can give me in this situation. It would truely be a dream come true for me and my family, as we have never really a a true vacation. My husband is a musician, we will have been married 30 years on the 20th of Dec. Lots of celebrations with little or no money...please help if you can. By the way have loved your show since your first sit glad you have your own show now and can bless so many people with your comedy. You are the highlight of my day!! Thank you Ellen, I love you!! Rock On!!
Darlene Dennis
Howie Mandel, Usher
425 days ago

I cried when Kellie danced her winning dance...she looked like an angel. I too, am from NC and so glad to see that good things are happening to people from our state. I think it is because entertainment was taught from generation to generation in the forms of the arts....from music, dance and story telling. We learned to entertain ourselves without tv and of course computers. Living in the south is a blessing and I am proud of every performer that has made the big time from NC. Who knows maybe I'll make the big time one day too. So proud of Kellie!