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Name Darlene
Location Lodi, CA
Age 61
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Hobbies family, animals, crafts, scuba diving . . . anything legal!!
About Me ". I am a mother of 6, grandmother of 10 and after my family comes my love of animals, scuba diving, and crafts (of all kinds). I have been an EMT, substitute teacher, cub scout, boy scout, brownie and Girl scout leader. I had to be fair, if a leader for one child, then I needed to do for all. Also, OM (Olympics of the Mind) mentor. Professionally, I fell into accounting and worked my way up the ladder to the "Good Ole Boys Club" as Controller (after going to night school for 15+ years). Now that I'm semi-retired and have an acre of land, I rescue animals (guess volunteering at an animal shelter was my calling): 4 pgymy goats, 4 Navajo lambs, 4 Americauna chickens, 4 rabbits, 5 dogs, 6 cats, 2 feral cats, 2 cockateils, 2 conures, 2 zebra finches, 2 red ear turtles, 2 aquariums (20 gal & 150 gal) and one bearded dragon. Who turns in a turtle or bird or ANY animal for that matter. ALL RESCUES! Once at my home they are part of my family.
Kristen Bell, Cedric the Entertainer
545 days ago

Happy Birthday to you . . . .Happy Birthday to you . . . Happy Birthday dear Ellen . . . . Happy Birthday to you.

Now picture the voice of Pink singing it . . . because my voice stinks!!!