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Darla Byrd
Name Darla Byrd
Location Blaine, Tennessee
Age 44
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Hobbies Music, comedy, enjoying my pets, and loving on my nephew and nieces!
About Me I am a former Social Worker and elementary teacher. Currently, I'm on disability; but I'd rather be working. I love music, comedy and animals. I'm single with two beautiful cats... Josie and Gidget.
Darla Byrd
Quotes of the Week
557 days ago

Savannah Guthrie had me rolling with her reaction to the fake frog! My favorite quote was “Why do you have to have control over someone else’s life? Why do you have to tell people who they can or can’t love? And to me, that’s not right." -Chris Kluwe

Darla Byrd
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Nicole Kidman!
564 days ago

Loved seeing how the audience reacted. I'm so happy for you Ellen. I'm glad you're finally getting the opportunity to go to Australia. I'm sure Portia is very excited too. I entered to win as a home watcher. But, I'm sure millions did as well. Everyone have fun!

Darla Byrd
In Your Facebook!
564 days ago

I love the new segment In your Facebook. After watching this, I will be spell checking everything! People say the darnedist things. (wonders how many words I just spelled incorrectly)