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 Darisa Jasperson
Name Darisa Jasperson
Location Stockton, California
Age 62
Joined 292 days ago
Hobbies camping, music, skydiving, zip lining, watching Ellen show, travel, parasailing, snorkeling.
About Me I have been married for 40 years to a wonderful husband. I have two sons, a Granddaughter and a Grandson. I work at an elementary school with autistic preschool children.
 Darisa Jasperson
Sean Hayes, ‘American Idol’ Judges
292 days ago

I just watched an amazing singing named "Lorde" that I think you should have on your show. I think she is only 16 and she has a beautiful voice. Also I was wondering why when you do your dance up and down the aisle you never play Lionel Richie music? He is my favorite singer. I watch your show every day, I think you are the greatest person in the world! Thank you for all you do. Love, Darisa Jasperson from Stockton, Ca.