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Darcy Doty
Name Darcy Doty
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Hobbies painting,fishing, being a mom to my kids
About Me Iam a single mom of three girls, currently out of work.I believe someone else always has it worse than me and thats how I like to live.I was involved in a major car accident 2yrs ago that has left me with having to have major neck surgery this past august and my dauhter broke her nose and another broke her arm, Unfortuantly it totaled my car so I had to get a used car that while driving the transmisson fell out of and so know I am driving a minivan with alot of miles and know that winter has come its deciding to not want to start. oh well... lets see I have the best father-in law a girl could ask for even though I am no longer married to his son he has kept me and his grandkids safe and treated me like im his daughter and to me his the dad I never had if not for him I do not know how I would get through life some days.. I watch ellen daily for my escape from reality daily and want to thank you for that hour of smiles, laughter and comfort of knowing theres good in the world.. Darcy