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Danny Knoll
Will and Jaden Smith!
424 days ago

I wish you would address, if this hasn't been taped already, how the critics haven't been kind to the movie. OKAY, I didn't se it, but i'm 42, so.. It's not really so targeted at the sophisticated adult set; it's an early summer kids movie, and anything tht promotes the participation of fathers in their kids' lives, has to be a great premise. ugh. critics and haters.

Danny Knoll
Wanda Sykes on Getting Older
425 days ago

I was first exposed to her years ago when she co-hosted a New Years Eve show with Carson Daly..she was so funny I remember I wrote down her name, to follow up on cool she went for it, and came out heroically, with compassion and courage, and is still standing to prove them wrong.

Danny Knoll
Message from Ellen
459 days ago

I guess that voting process is till being set up? okay.. MY favorite moments were with Sophia Grace and Rosie when Nicki Minaj surprised them...I hope they both don't wind up in some basement sudio apartment at 42 and 45 resepctively, wearing really too-tight tutus, drinking their troubles away with Jack Daniels and mourning their fleeting lost days of glamour and stardom...oh, okay back to the topic..anyway..I also really liked the woman battling cancer, the mother(Jodi Fisher) who came on the show and was so inspirational despite her bleak wsa difficult and really shockingto see the death notice at the end of the program..I really liked seeing Ms. Shepard talk about her son, and her revealing how he was comforted by a doe in his final hours, and when you spoke about the boy Larry King's murder as well.(I have those segments in my files..on a happier note, i do love whenever you do the 'celeb-has-a-microphone-in-their-ear bits', and when you sang with the Indigo Girls; it's always best when you are having fun *along with* the audience...

Danny Knoll
Beautiful People
460 days ago

*Ellen singing* >> "..I feel pretty, oh so pretty, i feel pretty and witty and..HEY!..where's my pretty mug in here?"