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Danika Bull
Name Danika Bull
Location Yass, Nsw
Age 17
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Hobbies Sport, dancing, drawing and singing
About Me Im 16 love music and sport like football or basketball and i dance for fun and i LOVE One Direction
Danika Bull
One Direction Takes the Stage!
380 days ago

Heyy ellen
Im Danika, I'm 16 years old and I'm really in love with One Direction.
I watch your show all the time (when i'm not at school anyways) but i've been busy lately with work and things so i don't actually know how long your in Australia for. So my one question is are you going to be here still when One Direction get here? And are you having another concert like last year? If so i would really love to be there like seriously no words can explain how much i wanna meet the boys and you. Oh before i get carried away 10 seasons YAYYY lol anyways. I look up to you and the boys a lot cause you inspire me to do things to help another people,so i guess all my advice and speeches i give out to my friends in need can come from other stuff just comes put of my head or a heard it somewhere but aye it helps. One direction are plainly my idols, i have admired them since the start of 2011 (don't judge i had to wait to see everything they have done) and also they have help get through years of my life i thought i couldn't get through but they inspire me so much i held in for them and to some people my problems are small compared to others but everyone treats everything different so my life as been hard for the last 4 or so years, but music and those boys help keep my mind of the little things (haha see what i did there, man i crack myself up) music is seriously my life i don't know what i would do with out it.
Im also a fan of Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, and a lit a lot more but One Direction just stick out for me. I have even spent 8 or more hours on a massive wall collage of posters and pics, call me crazy i know, but i have jackets, jumpers, earings, bracelets, 3 necklace, donna and blanket, toothbrush, books, 3 iphone covers, t-shirts and more but forgot them. Oh and one of those necklaces is Harry paperplane one, i brought it back in February/march time and haven't taken it off since.
So as you can kind of tell my room is covered in One Direction things and im even an artist because i have drawn Harry, Zayn, and Niall so working on the others but if you want to see them follow me on twitter and see for youself (my name is BullyJr13)

Love you ellen i hope you see this :) <3 xx

P.s: my nickname is bully or bullyjr because of my last name :)