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Daniella Macolino
Name Daniella Macolino
Age 22
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Hobbies Acting,dancing,singing,tweeting,admiring Bruno Mars,playing guitar
About Me 21 year old aspiring actress and full time college student who loves Bruno Mars! I have been a proud supporter for 3 years now. At the young age of 4 months old I was diagnosed with a life threatening blood disorder called Thalassemia Major. Every 2-3 weeks I am in the hospital for a day receiving a blood transfusion. My all time dream is to meet Ellen and Bruno Mars and be on her show.
Daniella Macolino
Bruno Mars, Ted Danson
482 days ago

Hi Ellen! I absolutely love you and your show and I adore Bruno Mars. I have a story of struggle and inspiration that I know America will love to hear. I have a life long illness called Thalassemia major. I've been in and out of the hospital since the young age of 4 months old. I made this video message to you in hopes of being the next guest on your show. There is nothing else I rather want right now. Please check it out and makes my dreams come true. Thank you so much! #GetDaniellaOnEllen