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Name Daniella
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Hobbies I LOVE to swim, I LOVE sharks, I LOVE my family, I LOVE one direction and I LOVE my life! :)
About Me I am a 13 year old girl who loves well everything in my hobbies! :) I am obsessed with the magnificent creature that is a shark! I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!! I love all my family and friends and I love my life :)
Help Kyle Chandler's Daughter Stop Shark Finning!
558 days ago

Hi, my name is Daniella and I am 13!! since 4 years ago when I picked great white sharks for a project I have been so obsessed and fantasized over sharks I LOVE THEM!! I went on Sayers website and was amazed! I only wish I had thought of something to do like her. in my home town of Halifax Canada I tried to raise awareness to my school about banning shark fishing and shark fin soup! Unfortunatly that didn't go to well! so I gave up
:( I regret it. thanks to sayer I am going to try and try again until I stop the restaurants that sell shark Finn soup in my town! There aren't a lot of girls our age that love sharks! and want to become marine or shark biologists when they are older (both are my dream jobs) so I would LOVE to help!! I will campaign a lot more and will never give up! Thankyou and if you could anyone who is reading this, just take a few hours of you time and watch the movie "shark water" and try not to cry like I did! thank you and again any help!!! and I am here :)