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Daniele Ficarra
Name Daniele Ficarra
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Hobbies painting, drawing,reading,writing
About Me Married, 2 children - 16 & 15, 2 dogs, enjoy life very much, believe the glass is 3/4 full,Ellen is the only show I watch on TV!
Daniele Ficarra
Are You Ellen's Biggest Fan in Australia?
540 days ago

I don't know about Ellens biggest Australian fan, but I could be one of the smallest at 4ft 12. Seriously, how can you measure the magnitude of fandom?? Here's the thing- I have been away for 5 weeks, unable to watch in all that time. Today was my first day back, and I wouldn't have missed it for anything. It felt like home when I heard the opening words, I had the biggest smile on my face, I love the show, I love the sentiments, I love the example of kindness and compassion that Ellen brings to the world. She is my hero and her conduct in the world is inspiring to me.
I have a piece of artwork in an exhibition in St Kilda, Melbourne. Portia and Ellens relationship inspired it, and my plan is to sell it in the exhibition (for the price of a ticket to L.A!) If it sells, I will do another one for them, and I hope to be able to present it to them personally.