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Dani K
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Hobbies Writing, Crocheting, Painting, Reading, The Ellen Show, soap and candle making, High School Color Guard Mom! Go Katie! Traveling?
About Me I'm the mother of a fantastic 17 yr old girl who is co-captain of RJ Reynolds Demons High School Color Guard, President of the Photo Club and has single handed kept me alive the last 10 years! I'm raising her alone, her dad was physically and emotionally abusive with me and emotionally abusive with her. We had to go! I've been a single mom for most of my adult life. At 40, after a year of being misdiagnosed, I had to have my left hip replaced. The next year they did the right one. I'm broken. The doctor failed to do the left one right and I suffer from some yet unnamed/discovered inflammatory disease. I'm disabled but, not enough for social security to give me back my pennies as I call them. Having no income was not an option! I started my own work from home business and we've been scraping by, just barely. Due to leaving my husband and predatory lending we lost our home. We have each other though. Katie, wanted to go to medical school but the estimated costs and time, I think, has scared her into nursing. That's ok. I worked in the medical field and always wanted to get my nursing degree. We had planned to move to AL when she graduated and rent a house with my father and share expenses but this summer he got ill and has a lot of medical bills to catch up on so he says he has to keep his job in MS. He thinks no one will hire an "old man". My mom that was here in NC, passed with pancreatic cancer. Katie, my golden child, (I'm not just saying this because I love her) helped me care for her until her death. We're living with my step-father in a strained situation because of my mother's passing. I'll let people take what they will from that statement. Ellen, I love you with your mom btw! So sweet! I've stayed alive because of Katie. She inspires me every day to be a better person. She could have turned into a teenage monster with everything the poor child has had to endure, but she didn't! And if I don't have 2 pennies to scratch together, at least I have her and she makes me so VERY proud. She plans on college. I hope we can get her through so she won't ever have to rely on anyone! I've never been much of a daytime TV person but I try to see Ellen every day. "I wanna be a millionaire so freakin' bad! Standing next to Ellen and the Queen! What up Ellen!" If I were, I would have put Ellen's name in the song and I would be a less funny, less talented, fluffier, poofier version of Ellen and give people what I could while dancing! ;) I really admire the good you do Ellen! I'd definitely buy a house near the Gulf Coast in FL or AL so I could swim in the oceans with the dolphins and ease my arthritis. lol I couldn't make this shiz up! You can't cry all the time! Laughter is the best medicine! Thanks for a Mon-Fri hour in which my pain is forgotten and I LAUGH! Love ya Ellen!
Dani K
Win Day 13 of 12 Days!
96 days ago

LOVE the show and ALL the WONDERFUL things you do for people!!!! Ellen, you're TRULY a shining, bright STAR amongst a lot of "stars"!! You put your wealth and blessings to good use by helping others! I would be very grateful to win because I'm a single, disabled mom, who is trying to send my youngest daughter to college (fingers crossed) next fall. She's such a great kid! I can't possibly tell you everything here because of privacy issues but suffice it to say, if it weren't for her, I would not be here. We definitely could use this! It would be a blessing if we won and I could help my daughter to get through college, but I would do more than that. I would do something nice everyday for someone, whether it be a person or a charity; I promise I would share and pay it forward! I already do this every day but this would allow me to give people something besides myself!
Thanks for being such an upbeat, hilarious and kind person! You make me laugh out loud even on the worst days! :D I cry tears of joy at your kindness and giving and I pray you'll be blessed for your good deeds Ellen!

Dani K
Caption This: Cute Cuddle
97 days ago

Oh did you say snuggle or muzzle? Same dif right?
See? We iz related? It's all in the I'z!

Dani K
Firefighters Get a Surprise
130 days ago

AARF has been growing in Winston-Salem, NC but so has the number of pets surrendered to Animal Control, a kill shelter. AARF could rescue, foster, neuter and place so VERY many more! I'd like to nominate them! They're wonderfully committed 501 C Charity that even helps with low income neutering! They're saving lives and giving hope! Thanks!

Dani K
It's Day 4 of 12 Days!
131 days ago

I love Ellen and her show! She never ceases to make me laugh, even in bad times like now. She's a "put your money where your mouth is and make a difference" STAR!!! God Bless you Ellen! I made a New Years resolution last year to do what I call a RAK a day, Random Acts of Kindess. I'm not rich with a home, car or $$ but you don't have to be rich to give of yourself and offer something nice to others. It can be something like buying a homeless person a hot coffee off the McD's dollar menu or sitting with a lonely elderly person, volunteer at your kid's school, MAKE a gift, write a nice note to a soldier, or a widow or widower of a service member, invite a service person to Christmas if you have food to spare! It can be as small as holding a door for a person or having empathy for your fellow person or animal. It helps me feel better every time! Some of these comments are heartbreaking and I have the sweetest, most giving and empathetic 17 yr old who wants a prom dress for Christmas. Prom isn't until next Spring :( Times are rough, my daughter knows it, (though I wish I could get her a new gaming system, some new clothes, shoes, makeup) I can't. Not this year. It's sad Ellen can't grant everyone, EVERYTHING they want or need. Too bad Santa isn't real, or can he be? Can't we all give SOMETHING? List something you don't need or want in your local paper or craigslist (It's usually FREE). I've seen single moms and dads asking for help with gifts. That sweater your daughter was to die for but no longer wears, GIVE it away to someone that needs a gift for a teen! Has your little one grown out of those newborn clothes? Give them to a new mother! You might find what you need and help someone else in need! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!