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DaleLynn Gardner
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579 days ago

Ellen your jokes about women during this segment were of the worst kind: reinforcing the negative and untrue stereotypes of women. The silent treatment for foreign policy? Bring a casserole and we'll let you immigrate? I understand that to a comedian everything is fair game to get a laugh, but face it Ellen, you are a role model to scads of adoring fans. When the man who was watching your show with me laughed and said, "And THAT'S exactly why women shouldn't be playing at politics." I turned off your show and I will never turn it on again.

You threw us under the bus, just to get a laugh.

I'm a 55 year old woman (in politics, I might add) who came o****e during the time of women's lib. I have been bristling at those stupid jokes about women my whole life. Like pollock jokes, and blonde jokes, and towel-head jokes, and men jokes, and women driver jokes, and *** jokes, your jokes were funny but with an underlying bigotry that reinforces untrue stereotypes. I never thought I would hear one from you.

You may have been trying to mock the stereotypes rather than the women, but it didn't come off that way to me or my friend. As far as he's concerned you just confirmed that women are only good at petty behavior like the silent treatment, and having potlucks.

BTW ... I have never given anyone the silent treatment. I would never be so rude. That is not a female trait, that is something only a petty person would do, and that is not dependent on having a vagina.