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Dale Chubin
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623 days ago

It was my daughters first time to vote and this is what she had to say afterwards on facebook.


The 47% pulled it together. Women will still have their rights and so will the rest of the small groups. If you voted for Romney, I'm sorry. But as a woman and someone who is lumped together in the group of people who would have been severely affected by his presidency. Rape is rape. Gays are humans. Single parents can have their children. Religion has no place in politics. I might lose friends but I'd rather have my rights than those who are too ignorant to see what damage he could have done. We got four more years of Obama. I don't even care if I'm in a Red state anymore. My rights are still protected. ♥

I've never been prouder of her....she is a strong young woman.

Ellen, thanks for reading this