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About Me I'm a single mom to a beautiful 6 year old son.Things werent that great when he left us 4 years back but i feel great now that i am now learning to be more independent and stronger.The world didn't end when he left ;-)
Jennifer Aniston Tests a Vibrating Bra
463 days ago

i was hysterical at the bra part!!!

Jen Aniston's Ellen Scare Fail
463 days ago

Hi Ellen!
I REALLY love your shows but too bad we don't get to see it in Malaysia. I would always watch your show especially during my lunch break..and the building echoes my laughter hahahahah!! but yeah yo do highlight serious issues too in a light way which i like.

Hope someday i could actually watch your show Live..ow yeahh that would be awesome!

By the way,if you like the sun a lot and nice beaches, we welcome you with open arms.and lotsa great food too!

My love to Portia as well!Love you guys! Muaahh!