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D. Mojica
Chirp Chirp Chirp
188 days ago

Ellen, I love how you say exactly what we're all thinking! This was so funny!!! Loved it, and you-Debbie

D. Mojica
Ellen's Talking Old School
196 days ago

Speaking of talking "old school", when my mom's feeling crappy, she always says she's feeling like she's "half dead in a bag"! Funny, huh? lol I always ask her, "Mom, where did you come up with that?!" Thanks for letting me share! -Debbie

D. Mojica
Will and Jaden's Obstacle Course!
436 days ago

I so would be exactly like Will if my kids were competing with me! Love his facial expressions!!!

D. Mojica
It's Raining Film Canisters!
516 days ago

All pre-school teachers should do the film canister/alka-seltzer science experiment!!! I know the kids would love it because I was once a pre-school teacher! Wish I would've know about the tablets way back when we had oodles of film canisters donated to our school!! Awesome, Steve Spangler!!!