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About Me I am a fan of Ellen from her "standup" days, her movies "Mr Wrong", and "Finding Nemo (my favorite), her television series, and her long standing talkshow. Ellen has done with her strenght and kindness towards others what Oprah did for years also oh so well. They knew they were Blessed, Loved, and they have a Human Heart to want to "Play It Forward, To Give Back."
Pharrell Williams Performs 'Happy'
245 days ago

HAPPY made me HAPPY. A great song, and Pharrell has always been not only a great singer, but he is an amazing song writer, and producer too! People sometimes forget his talent because he's the wing man star to the stars placed out front and center. I also love his GET LUCKY with Daft Punk and Neil Rogers. Pharrell always reaches back to pull another artist up or ask for an artist an icon like Neil Rogers and others of the Disco days to the forefront. Not forgettng those who came before but incorporating their talents with the young upcoming talents also. For that Pharrell, you will always be blessed and successful. Cast your bread upon the water, it comes back in many folds.

Bethenny Discusses Her Divorce
562 days ago

There's always three sides to every story. .His side, Her side, and The Truth. Bethenny this was "your" marriage. Yet, on national television you were constantly putting your husband down for all to see. Let's be real. On national television, you exposed what Jason wasn't doing to you or for you. I am from New York, The Daily News reported on 12/24/2012 how you would say things about "cobwebs on...", you allowed your mother to say "Jason is a great father none better. But she knew this marriage would not last because Jason is "weak". He is not strong enough to be married to Bethenny." What was she doing in your marriage and making national statements? He was berated as a man, and as a husband. No person man or woman wants a public "dress down' for something that's private as the vow made to one another as husband and wife. You made your life an open book chasing the two shows and airing your husband like a flag in the wind. Therefore, the marriage is over, but Jason by your own words (and your Mother) is a wonderful father. Let him continue to be. Both of you forgive each other, and move on with your lives. He to find the woman that will really share his life with hers. And you Bethenny, to find a man whom your Mother won't find as "weak", and knows how to "dust off the cobwebs" when needed in order not to be mentioned on national television in the future. Bethenny "really" watch Ellen and other talkshow hosts and learn. We love watching them on television. Yes, they express their love for their mates. However, we are not inivited into their bedrooms. Their vows are theirs as ours are ours. You can talk too much, and talk yourself out of a good thing. Then "you don't miss the water until the well runs dry." Good Luck, keep pushing forward, learn from any and all mistakes made...his and yours. For it takes two. You both have the lasting gift from GOD, her name is BRYNN.