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D. C. Shuey
Name D. C. Shuey
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Hobbies garden, hike, pet care, write to activate needs in community, cook,anticipate move to NV
About Me like to laugh, care about environment, travel, poker (without debt) enthusiast,
D. C. Shuey
Wanda Sykes, Jared Leto
289 days ago

I first saw Ellen in Hermosa Beach comedy club in 1982 or so.
I tried to book tickets for Dec. 30, my birthday, but the calendar would not go to DEC, so I booked for Nov. 26, the time for my friend, Vicki S., may beable to join me.
Can Ellen or helpers look up my brother's site and possibly invite him to demonstrate his self-defense, exercise cane use for all; "the cane is not a crutch" attitude. Thank you