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Cynthia R Miranov
Name Cynthia R Miranov
Location Arlington, Tx
Age 55
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Hobbies Family,Decorating, Most of all being with my grandbabies
About Me I am a 53 yo who suffers with bipolar,manic depression and anxiety. I struggle daily to survive and I'm really tired. I am single and give all my time to my twin grandbabies who I watch. They are my reason for getting up everyday. I wish I had some reason to believe that I matter in a world where everyone is about themselves and don't see how hard my life is and to be all alone with no one to help even if a little. I have no future plan, just day by day and each day just gets harder and harder. I should be living life to it's fullest and I don't. Haven't dated in a year, and i'm lonely but tired of being let down. I am such a good person and love to see others happy and always helping others. I believe in God and concider myself to be a christian. I like me as a person just not my life or my lack of knowing how to make my life better and more care free. I would love to find a good man one day that can make my worries and loneliness fade away. I would make someone a good soulmate if life wasn't dragging me down! I have a daughter 37 a son 34 and 4 grandsons and I love them all to much to be a burden to them ever. I want to look at life with hopes and dreams and believe they do come true. I just don't know how to!!
Cynthia R Miranov
Taylor Swift
646 days ago

I would love to take my two yo twin grandbabies to the park, are show them off by going to the mall just to look around but my 1997 car is without aback glass and it runs when it wants, no ac and it doesn't have the proper baby car seat hookups, so it isn't safe for them even if it was running. I am on SSI and 80. food stamps so I will never be able to fix my car and it floods when it rains and mildewed the carpet,seats are torn and I just feel over whelmed with life being so hard just to live in a world I can't afford to live in. You would be my only hope to do and go places with my precious babies and since I keep them during the week it means everything to me to keep them safe and my car is totally not safe for them. I cry alot because they try to open my car door and say bye bye and I don't no how to make them understand Nana would love nothing more but I just can't risk their safety. Please answer my prayer for a reliable safe car. I don't need a new one just a good one. I love you dearly and watch you with others and you are an Angel to so many . I love your relationship with Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber who are both amazing,kind,and very talented people. I can't imagine a life like you all have and often wonder if you can imagine a life like mine and pray you never have to. Love and Prayers from me to you and yours!