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Cynthia Medlen
Name Cynthia Medlen
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About Me Single MOM of two grown children whom I love with all my heart.
Cynthia Medlen
Steve Harvey on Crazy 'Family Feud' Answers
343 days ago

Good afternoon Ellen. My name is Cynthia, an I am adding comment for I know I have written before. I Thank you for opportunity to write. I know there is so many people out there who could use help as much as I. As I wrote before I am disabled an so much in debt from buying used cars not being able to afford insurance. For the past 5 years I have had to get another car 4x's. I get close to paying off that they break down an can't afford a new one unless I have Co signer. My car I have now I have made 6 payments an only one window works power steering went out water pump an Val cover gasket. The car lot I deal with have been good to me to fix, but add bill on loan payment. Just keeps getting higher. I only have my phone to contact you. I wish I knew how to enter your giveaways. I am still blessed. I Thank you for your time an keep up with your wonderful personality. Sincerly Cynthia Medlen

Cynthia Medlen
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431 days ago

Evening this is Cynthia I want to thank you for sending me a email on trying to win twenty thousand dollars. I am disabled I make $889 a month my bills come to $892. It would be a blessing from God to win five thousand. I had to borrow money so I could get bills paid where I live. I am on housing an I can't even find anybody to help me move.