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Cynthia Jimenez
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Cynthia Jimenez
Bethenny Frankel and Ricky Gervais
564 days ago

Dear Ellen , My name is Cynthia and just want to tell you i true love your show <3 sorry i haven't been able to see it in some time or get to my Emails on time but , once in a blue moon i do get to watch your episodes online and just want to say how wonderful it is how you bring so much joy and smiles to peoples lives and make such a change to there families. now that is what you call true love and dedication, love you and respect you so so much that you do that for others in needs ,, Wow you are truely amazing the joy you share, with that say i truely hope you yourself had an amazing holiday season with your family and may the New Year even be bigger and brighter xoxoxoxoxoxox Happy New to you and your Family ellen and Thank you for loving the world and there needs to smile and feel loved again xoxoxoxoxo