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Cynthia Bradley
Name Cynthia Bradley
Location Montgomery, AL
Age 53
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Hobbies making beaded jewelry, playing with my two cats, volunteering, cooking, reading, movies, music, playing my flute (I am a musician).
About Me Hello, I am a disabled veteran of the United States Army. I am currently completing something on my 'bucket list' ... getting my Bachelors degree (I'm getting it in Public Relations and Marketing). Better late than never. The other thing on my 'bucket list' is to see the Ellen Show (maybe get on 12 Days!)! For fun I play flute in my church orchestra and I make beaded jewelry. Oh, and I have two great cats, Sam and Delilah that are a joy in my life. I love, LOVE, the Ellen Show, she makes me laugh out loud. She makes the bad days better, good days great, and great days fantastic! I could go on but I won't ... lol. Blessings to all .....
Cynthia Bradley
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450 days ago

One of my favorite moments is the Dennis Quaid in the coffee shop segment ,,, it was hysterical! Also, any episode with Gladys is always funny ... she is a gem! Ellen I am a disabled veteran and between volunteer work and going back to school (it's on my bucket list) you are the brightest thing that happens to me every day. You never fail to make me smile and laugh out loud. Thank you for all you do for myself and all those around you ... you are a blessing.