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Cynthia Baker
Name Cynthia Baker
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Hobbies Reading, shopping in thrift stores and used book stores for good books, shopping for the perfect purse and comfortable shoe, watching TV, (Steve, Ellen, recently Wendy) and SCI-Fi (hate zombie and super scary movies), History and News.
About Me I was born in Portsmouth, VA and raised in Philadelphia, PA by my grandmother. Was a terrible teenager. I moved back to VA when I was 23. I claim the south for my origin. Was Caretaker for my mother and mentally challenged sister. After my mother died I have continued caring for sister which is a challenge. She is 68, looks 38, healthier than everyone in the family and loves to be catered to while she watches TV all day. I am a mother of three, a grandmother of six. Spent 32 years in the Army Reserves and Active Duty. Was injured in a training accident in 06 while mobilized, spent 3.5 years in the Wounded Warrior program and was Medically retired as an active duty soldier in Oct 09. Graduated from college with a Bachelors in Management at the age of 54. Finished my last class while recovering from a craniotomy. I might work on my Masters in the near future. I doubt if I use it. It is a personal goal. I babysit five of my grand children daily (aged 6-13) Help! I am a disabled veteran and a member of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization. I am qualified to assist veterans file claims for compensation for potential disabled veterans. I enjoy doing this especially when their claims are approved and they receive a check every month. The DAV organization also assists veterans down on their luck by paying electric bills, buying food, paying for a place to live be it mortgage, rent or hotel bill. I love retirement,disabled veterans, my grandchildren, children and sister!
Cynthia Baker
Message from Ellen
499 days ago

In our local newspaper, Virginian-Pilot, Sunday March 10, 2013, page 1 of the hampton roads section is a picture of a lovely young lady, (age 10 years) hugging her grandmother after having her head shaved Saturday, March 9th, 2013 for the 'Fund-Razor For Cancer Research' which was held at the Westin Virginia Beach Town Center Hotel. In the picture her grandmother's head appeared shaved. It is hard being a child in today's time yet this young lady (and possibly more) sacrificed for a noble cause. They all should be applauded for their actions. It is a great picture.

Cynthia Baker
Josh Duhamel, Bethenny, Alicia Keys!
522 days ago

Thank you,thank you for your generous gift to my friend (since 10th grade and we are in our sixties!) Velda Caviness. There is a group of us who have beat the odds and stayed friends over the years. You chose a great person. Velda is generous, caring, loving, understanding, a great friend, mother, daughter, grandmother, hairstylist (I have traveled from VA to Philadelphia to get my hair done because she was the only one who would do it right and I am not the only customer to travel from out of town for her services).
I spoke with her last night and she told me what you did for her. The monetary gift will make her life much easier. The gift of Vodka was evident. I am glad you included it because she was still reeling from your surprise and the Vodka helped because she loves you and her ****tails (lol)!
My daughter were discussing her favorite Aunt V and her upcoming Skype. We said how generous you are and this was a testimony to it. May you, your show, your family, friends, employees and all concerned be blessed abundantly for what you have done for your fans (especially Our Friend Velda).