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About Me Currently I am a Domestic Engineer! Don't let the job title fool you...Sometimes you're overworked, underpaid with lousy fringe benefits! Lol Mother of 3 sons & married to a most loving, generous & caring man. Our sons & I are blessed to have him.
Cynthia Guerriero
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171 days ago

Well ellen, as I see before mine there are several stories to be read. Hopefully, somehow in someway everyone's prayers will be answered through the grace of God. So many people have stories to tell, mine is 'Katie's Story'.

A 25 year old, beautiful, vibrant and with a smile so big to match her zest for life she could capture the attention of any room she would enter. In September 2013 Katie went to the hospital with excruciating stomach pain along with other symptoms. She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Adenosarcoma (not to be confused with Adenocarcinoma). Survival rate is 60%. Needless to say I pray daily as hard as I can she is in that bracket. This particular cancer is a gynecological cancer. For them to remove the mass that was taking over her tiny body the doctors told her & her parents she would have to have a total hysterectomy. Saving and freezing eggs for the future was not an option. I don't know which news hit her harder, the cancer or the fact she will never be able to bear children. Plans that she thought she would be making took a turn to one of the darkest places. Obviously treating the cancer was of utmost importance. Well during an MRI it was discovered Katie had two clots on her heart. No other surgeries can be done until they are taken care of. So now she is hit with a triple heart surgery. During the open heart surgery it was discovered she actually had three clots, as one was hiding behind another. This very delicate procedure was completed with damage to one valve. So now she has to wait a week before the surgery to remove the mass and perform the hysterectomy. She was in the hospital for one month and had three major surgeries. How her small framed body endured all this I will never comprehend but ever so grateful it did. Katie just completed her second round of chemo which consist of three consecutive days of chemo and the fourth is a fluid/immunity booster. Four days in a row every twenty one days. She won't know until her next round if it's working but she sure does experience the horrible side effects of it.

Katie is no longer able to work her full time job. Her Mom stays home to take care of her and gives her injections weekly. Her Dad right now is the only employed one supporting a family of four. I am planning a fundraiser to help with the medical expenses as well as everyday needs to benefit Katie. In anyway, in any size you would like to contribute to Katie's benefit would be sincerely appreciated. Even if it's an autographed photo, t-shirt or any item from the ellen store. I am sure it will be a successful addition to our raffle/auction I am planning. She has said so many times "I just want a normal life again..."
If you met Katie you could see through her positive outlook and bright spirit why this is so extremely important to help her kick cancer's ass!

Cynthia Guerriero