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I'm writing to let you know about a baseball coach who is looking for a father and son he helped out many years ago. I have attached his story below. Hope you have a great week!
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I want to share a story with you. I am hoping this could come full circle, wasn't my goal when it happened. Anyway when I was 19 yo I was visiting my Dad while he was managing the Milwaukee Brewers. We happen to be in Chicago playing the White Sox. One day after the daily routine of going to the park in this case Old Comiskey Park. I had done all my early work-outs in a Brewers uniform with my Dad and shagged fly balls or caught for a coach hitting fungos to infielders until just before pregame infield/outfield. I got showered and became a regular fan like everyone else. Our visiting club house exited right into the main concourse. I literally stepped out of the club house and into a line at a concession stand. As I was waiting in line I was listening to a Dad and his son talking about baseball and how excited the boy was to finally see a game. I think the Dad was equally excited. The boy was very cute maybe 5yo, he had a little baseball hat on, a glow in his eyes and a stack of Brewer baseball cards in his hand. We got to the front of the line, they ordered a few things probably the traditional ballpark food hot dog, soda and peanuts, don't exactly recall. I remember watching them walk away and suddenly I was inspired, got out of line walked up to this Dad and son and introduced myself. I told him who I was and who my Dad was and I wanted to do something special for this man's son, hoping this could be a memory he would have for a lifetime or a story the father would tell his son for all their days together. Here is what I proposed to the Dad. Behind that door over there is the Milwaukee Brewers locker room, every card that your son has I can get him their autograph. Unfortunately you will not be able accompany him and to trust me. I could see wonder in this father's eyes and how much he wanted to be able to see beyond the door as well. It reminds me now of field of dreams and the corn field. His son took my hand and we walked through the door. It was my usual scene nothing unordinary, half dressed men, music blaring, smell of freshily showered players, the buzz of chatter, card and chess games going on in the corner, Molitor watching wheel of Fortune and getting every puzzle on the first or second letter. The goal autographs for this beautiful boy, we visited every locker, players as always were great, most of them had children and instinctional knew what was up. A little banter, every card was signed. We exited the locker room door back to the concourse and I delivered the boy back to his Dad. He said thank you several times and away I went. I remember that so well, I remember just wanting to do something special for someone and on that day I think I did. I would love this story to get back to that Dad and his son. I know that is unlikely and I am okay with that as well. I just wanted to thank them for being there at the perfect time, so I could tell this story many years later.