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Cyndy Smerdel
Name Cyndy Smerdel
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Hobbies None. It should be exercising but I cannot get motivated.
About Me survived cancer 13 years ago and just trying to find myself/ purpose. I belong to a Cancer Prayer Group I joined while in my journey and still attending meetings, gratefully.
Cyndy Smerdel
Message from Ellen
241 days ago

Keep giving. It fills us all with grace when we witness it.
Happy, happy, happy

Cyndy Smerdel
Zoobiquity: What Animals Can Teach Us About Health and the Science of Healing
446 days ago

I don't know where to put this, but my favorite Ellen episodes is when she gives a house or car away to that women who said to her "no more". She was so over whelmed and grateful that Ellen kept having her back. I love all the episodes where Ellen gives to someone deserving. Ellen is so self aware and blessed she makes me feel that way too every time she does this.

Cyndy Smerdel
Quote of the Day: Kindness Week Day 2
525 days ago

Ellen the "grace" you receive every time you help out a family is my favorite part of your show. My eyes well up every time no matter what the cir***stances, it makes me feel so grateful and warm inside. Today I took the time to look at you, really look at you during the surprise giving and your eyes were welled up! How blessed and self aware you are.
God is Good