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Cyndi Hansel
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About Me I'm in the process of retiring and take care of my 81 yr old mom
Cyndi Hansel
Message from Ellen
178 days ago

Enjoy your day Ellen

Cyndi Hansel
Win Tickets to Ellen's Birthday Show!
212 days ago

Help! My 82 year old mom wants to come to the Ellen show, she's in a wheelchair so she's not real easy to move around. I promised if I could get tickets I would bring her to LA stay in a hotel and then drive home. I'm not getting the ticket process as every time I try a month no request form comes on the screen. Please help. I'm sure this is the last year I will be able to bring her as we live in Northern California nod the drive is not easy for her. Thanks for any help you can give.

Cyndi Hansel
Gift Wrapping Professional Ellie Kemper
216 days ago

Love your show but today's made me pee in my pants. I am 56 so we all know that it doesn't take much but today was excessive! Now if I could figure out how to post this all would be good.

Cyndi Hansel
Win Day 4 of 12 Days
225 days ago

Merry Christmas, I'm in the spirit this year even though I don't have money to buy presents I was diagnosised with a brain aneurysm and lung cancer in the past year that force me to retire. But I beat the cancer with surgery in October and I can live with the aneurysm .

Cyndi Hansel
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394 days ago

Love the show, watch it with my 81 yr old mom everyday. Always makes us laugh. We also have three generations of Ellen's in my family. I was unfortunately named after my fathers favorite dog, but my middle name is Ellen, I liked Ellen so much I used it for my daughter's middle name, and she liked it so much my grand daughter's middle name is Ellen. May be when she grows up she'll like it enough to give it as a first name if she has a daughter! LOL. Keep makings us laugh, we really enjoy it.

Cyndi Hansel
Check In to Viggle!
429 days ago

My 81year old mom and I love your show. Always makes me laugh. I promised my mom I'd try to get tickets and come see you in person. Do you have seats for an old lady and a n older old lady who uses a wheelchair? This will be a big trip for her.