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Cylinda Faith King
Name Cylinda Faith King
Location Winfield, West Virginia
Age 59
Joined 662 days ago
Hobbies Reading, Bible studies, watching Ellen, Kelly & Michael, and all the NCIS shows. And the biggest of all watching my grandaughter cheer she is 8 and watching my grandson playing football he is 10.
About Me I am a very strong fighting woman as I have fought off three cancer's. But I give God all the credit, he is the one that gave me the strength. And now he is giving me once again strength for my lung disease's that I now have. The doctor's have even told me to get my affair's in order, but I have two grandchildren my little girl is a cheerleader, and my 10 yr old boy plays football. And my plans are to be here when they graduate from school. I love my grandchildren so very much, they are so very special to me. I had one son who is 38 named Michael and he has made me so proud for the man he became.
Cylinda Faith King
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588 days ago

Ellen you are one of the most kind sincere people I know through television. I just love your show, I watch it everyday as it gives me a lift up that I need. I am terminally ill and watching your show makes me laugh, cry, and has so much love poured into it. I just want to thank you for that hour a day you give me and showing me that there are still so many beautiful people left in this world, just like you!

And I want to wish you and Pordia the best memorable and Merry Christmas of all!