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cydney rodriguez
Name cydney rodriguez
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Hobbies Artsy things, reading, roller derby, playing legos and video games with my son, spending time with my family and friends, seeing pretty places
About Me I'm 26, a single mom. I like to think I'm funny, I like to laugh and make people laugh. I love seeing pretty things, people, or places. I live for my son and helping others. If I could be anything and be able to support myself and my son with whatever life my need, I'd dedicate my life to being a humanitarian. There's life in people who are in need, and hearts to mend.. love, laughter, and paying it forward not only heals, but ensures right in the world.
cydney rodriguez
Did You Beat The Odds to Get Into College?
231 days ago

Hi Ellen!
I just want to start by saying I love your show, its always so fun to watch! My name is Cydney and I'm a 26 year old single mother. I know it may seem you get a lot of emails from us moms... but I hope you read mine. I have myself in quite the predicament... almost three years ago I had a life set for success. I was on the honors list in a bachelors program for graphic design, I had just bought my first home with my then husband, I had the cutest, healthiest little boy a mother could ask for, an almost perfect credit score, and I was so happy! Everything seemed so right after over coming so many obstacles as I was growing up. As a small child I was a victim of physical and sexual assult, a product of a broken home, struggled through my teens with rape, drugs, and alcohol ... yet somehow managed to pull it together when I had to help my mom raise my sisters kids my senior year, working to pay for my grad expenses and to support myself because my mom had several medical issues and money was tight.. and I got my diploma but didn't even get to walk with my class because of discrepancies with my transcripts. After what I thought was my biggest failure, not being able to walk as the first of my generstion on both my fathers and my mothers side, I still kept pushing forward because not going to college was never an option for myself. I've always been an artist, ever since I could remember. I thought maybe if I was a designer, I could influence peoples emotions enough to make a positive change, whether its politically, within a business, or a society. Once I started going to the Art Institute I knew that it was in fact my destiny to be an artist becuase there's nothing in this world I am more passionate about than I am about inspiring others or helping people who have been struck with the geivances I have myself. As I approached my junior year in college, I suffered yet another set back. I got very ill. About six months after I had my son, I went in to acute liver failure and found that I had advanced cirrhosis with no known cause. I tried to push through it and keep going to school on a part time basis, but I only got sicker. After about six months I was diagnosed with wilsons disease. Luckily there was treatment... however, by the time I was diagnosed I had to leave school because I was too weak to even hold my own baby and take care of him let alone drive to school. The psychological damage of being told I could die, being told I'd never have another child, having to drop out of school, quit my job, and being the only person I knew with this scary disease that I'd be a slave to for the rest of my life really took its toll. I became severely depressed, submersed in my sorrows and self pity. Unfortunately I lied down and let tragedy win my spirit, my soul, my hard work, my passion, and my love for art. I let my life go. I walked away from my marriage, my home, and art. The sole reason I'm alive today is because of the only thing I couldn't walk away from, my son. He's my best friend, my hero, and the greatest love of my life. The blessing of being a mother is something ill never understand... but I hope it was God's way of saying that despite the hell I went through as a child, that I was capable of being the parent I wish I had. I love my parents because they are my parents, but I wish so much they could see the world through my eyes for a day. Fast forward three years to today, I have managed to take a few steps forward. . I have had my job and excelled at it for the last two years, I have been living on my own for about 9 months, and have gotten my life somewhat settled enough to go back to school and finish my degree. But this is where my problem lies. The total tuition I have left to pay is about $8000.00. My federal student loans have gone to collections because I have been unable to return to school and I guess my monthly income of $1700.00 is too much to not have an economical defferrence. So I do not qualify for any kind of government financial aid and eight thousand dollars is kind of pricey for a seventeen hundred dollar monthly income. I want to finish what I started Ellen... not just for me, but for my son and the rest of the world too. I have so many hearts I want to touch, stories I want to tell. And maybe if I'm lucky even change a few lives. I can't do that at my job. I do not have many options... the only thing I can think to do is ask for help so that I can pay it forward. If I still have whoever's attention that may be reading this, thank you for your time and if there is nothing you can do or someone who needs it more I understand. Just please say a quick prayer for me that something devine may come my way! Thank you again.