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Curtis Crews
Name Curtis Crews
Location Camano Is., Wa.
Age 60
Joined 356 days ago
Hobbies Bonsai Trees
About Me 59 yr. old cancer survisor with 8 yr. old loving life
Curtis Crews
Message from Ellen
204 days ago

Well I'm the one to win 12 days of give away. I will be here waiting for my gifts.
Thanks Ellen
Curtis & Curtis Crews
Camano IS Wa

Curtis Crews
Ashton's Movember Mustache
204 days ago

I'm just going to say I would love to win with my 8 yr. Old.
Love you Ellen.

Curtis Crews

Curtis Crews
Message from Ellen
204 days ago

I watch your show everyday
And I'm going to win your 12
Give away.
I'm a retired man with a 8 yr.
Old boy.
So send me your gifts and include a toy.
Send me tickets to be on your show.
I'm all dress up but no where to go.
Happy anniversary to you and your girl
Wow if I win it will take me for a whirl.
So have a great new year.
I sure it will be fun.
And let me know if I won won won.

Curtis Crews
Win Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways!
237 days ago

Hi Ellen I know I will never here from you because of all the emails you get but thanks for making me feel better and laugh. Just got through cancer and now just fighting the pain those dam doctors leave you with after they radiant the hell out of you. My son and I, he's 8 would love to see you and win tickets. That would help us so much.
Love You Curtis
And little Curtis

Curtis Crews
Win All of Today's Gifts from 12 Days!
334 days ago

Ellen look for the poem I wrote you. Ever since I beat my cancer I never laugh. But now I laugh everyday because of your show. I love you
Curtis Crews
Camano Island Wa.

Curtis Crews
Win All of Today's Gifts from 12 Days!
347 days ago

My Poem to Ellen
Hey there Ellen how are you today?
I watch your show every single day.
You have your assistant Andy that helps you do some stuff.
Sometimes it kind of funny. Sometimes it kind of tuff.
You have your mom Betty, she on about every show,
And then you have Jeanie who's always on the go.
You have your writer Loran and Tony does it to,
Tell me do they write your jokes and make you do the things you do.
I like the game you play, the one that's know or go.
I can tell you really like it, and it really make the show.
You make so many happy, No reason to ask why,
And you do it with some help, from the people at Shutter fly.
Ellen you are such a beautiful person, and you have a lovely wife,
I know that you and Portia will have a killer life.
I'm a 59 year old man, my build is kind of thin,
I hope you my poem and it helps me to win, win, win.

Love You Ellen
Your biggest fan
Curtis Crews
Camano Island Wa.

Curtis Crews
Win Every Single 12 Days Gift During 'Watch and WINter' Contest!
354 days ago

You should watch ellen everyday
You could win tickets or be on the show and play.
Make sure you watch for your chance,
And when you get there you can even dance.
I know that Ellen likes cats and dogs,
And she is so loving I bet she even likes frogs.
I make sure I watch Ellen all the way through,
For I'm 59 and retired and got nothing better to do.
Curtis Crews
Camano Is. Washington

Curtis Crews
Enter Ellen's 'I Car About You' Sweepstakes!
356 days ago

Hi Ellen I love, love, love your show. I'm a 59 yr. old cancer survivor and don't laugh much but when I watch your show its the best part of my day. YOU MAKE ME LAUGH!!!! I even get up and dance with you. I love the way you make people so happy with your give a ways. thanks for making my life a little happier. I would love to win a car but I already won my life back so I really don't think I could be that lucky.
Love You Ellen
Curtis Crews
Camano Island Wa.