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Crystalpearl (aka, ("2-Rock")
Name Crystalpearl (aka, ("2-Rock")
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Hobbies acting, dance, floral design, decorating stage, small weddings and parties, reading, ANYTHING CREATIVE!!! ;)
About Me I am Married with three kids and at the moment i am the housewife /cheerleader for my household. i try to keep my family's spirits up while holding my own up as well. So these hobbies esp acting (i am good at it and i know once i pay my dues someone will take notice and one day all my efforts will pay off so i can help my husband build the founation that my children need to have a head start. I thank you Ellen show for that, because with out all the inspiring people you have on your show, i would have given up and settled. Much Love To All Of You!
Crystalpearl (aka, ("2-Rock")
Leah Remini on Leaving Scientology
324 days ago

I am so excited to be getting my Ellen Fix Back!

Crystalpearl (aka, ("2-Rock")
Send Us Your Ellen Busts!
556 days ago

Hi Ellen and everyone on the Ellen Show...
okay, today is the day i start this wonderful project!! Wish me luck all!
With much Love and Respect