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About Me I am a stay at home mom of 4. I practice happy heathly living. I am completely dedicated to my family and our Lord. I am also proud to say I live in a loving home full of laughter. My husband and I make it a point to keep each other and our children safe and extremely happy. No money needed, just each other. Last but not least, I love my Ellen.
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592 days ago

Its so sad things that are happening to innocent people. It so much worse when helpless children are hurt. I have 4 beautiful kids aged 3,4,11 and 17. I couldn't imagine going forward in life without one of them. My heart is in so much pain for the family and friends of all the victims. GOD be with you all. We had a tragic time here in Tucson Az when a coward killed many innocent bystanders including an adorable 10 year old. This never gets easy to accept such a society. I believe our Lord has rescued all the victims from such an evil world. Rest assure they are in a safer and better place. Your children are now your angel's, beautiful happy angel's.