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Name Cristina
Location Rome, Italy
Age 15
Joined 477 days ago
Hobbies Sing
About Me I'm a Belieber,i'm 14 and my two biggest dreams are meet my Idol,Justin Bieber,and become a singer because i love it and is the only thing that makes me happy as well as justin:)
Justin Bieber
477 days ago

Hi Ellen i'm 14 and i'm a Belieber,i love justin with all my heart i'm italian and from the 2009 justin has became my idol,but from the 2009 to 2013 i'v never seen him before 'cause i haven't enough money to buy a ticket concert or a m&g,i know u read a lot of letters like this but i need him so much 'cause he give me the strength to move on,but i'm all alone yeah i mean my mom has economic problems and i haven't a family anymore,maybe this is not enough to caught your attention 'cause some other people got some other important problems but I NEED HIM,I NEED JUST A HUG,JUST A SMILE,JUST THIS,PLEASE i just need to let him know that i exist.
Believe me if i said that he's all my life,please believe me.