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Cristal Garcia
Name Cristal Garcia
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Hobbies Sports (tennis, basketball, dancing, yoga, pilates, crossfit and running), music, art (drawing, painting, glass, graphics, gumpaste, and mixed-media), reading, traveling, volunteering, culture, food/cooking...List goes on.
About Me As a Mexican-American straddling two cultures in the ethnically diverse community of Melrose Park, I grew up with the innate understanding that education would serve as a force to buttress opportunity and justice. I chose to study International Relations during my undergraduate career at Stanford University to understand why globalization was influencing people to search for creative ways to grow and prosper at the cost of fragmenting and straining society. I frequently found myself looking more into the way education fosters individual rights, promotes individual freedom and empowerment, and yields important development benefits. My passion for education has motivated me to pursue education related jobs as well as a Masters of Science in Comparative and International Education at the University of Oxford. I aspire to be a part of the conversation that will make effective policies in education. I approach this new and unfamiliar career path (as this is all relatively new to me in terms of the approach to an academic career) with enthusiasm, compassion, and the determined work ethics I grew up with. I hope to contribute positively to building innovative approaches to education in the twenty-first century.
Cristal Garcia
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I am having difficulty submitting my entry online. Can you please assist? Thank you in advance.