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Irene Sosa
Name Irene Sosa
Location calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Hobbies cooking yummy, amazing, crunchy things, dancing "cheesy but stylish" (psy from korea), taking photographs, collaging, reading, etc..
Irene Sosa
Lauren Graham at Ellen's Anniversary Party
678 days ago

I actually quite enjoyed this...."celebrities' are humans, are just like us....they use the bathroom (particularly fond of #2's I bet!), drive their cars to work, and have party anxiety! You would think it is all confidence, but it is not, and its only fair...they are celebrities but at the end of the day, we are all mere mortals....

Irene Sosa
Don't Cross Your Legs, Ellen!
679 days ago

Ellen! u truly live my moto!!!
let's build instead of break, let's support instead of reject, let's accept instead of judge, let's believe instead of give up, let's sing instead of cry, let's love instead of hurt...