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Name Carole
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Hobbies Animals, music, volunteering at feeding the hungry.
About Me I'm a small town girl from Northern Ontario who grew up in a francophone family with meagre means. Through student loans, I've recently completed my graduate degree in Social Justice and law. I moved to Toronto for a job/internship and was laid off after because of lack of jobs. I find myself unemployed with a lot of debt but I hope to change that soon. I love witnessing acts of kindness and compassion towards others. I hope to make a difference in someone's life one day by helping others.
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I live in Toronto, Canada.
I love your show, your staff and producers all do such a wonderful job! I've been entering to win prizes from the 12 Days of Giveaways and noticed that even though the contest rules allow for Canadians to enter, not a single Canadian has won. This seems odd and misleading because I don't believe that Canadians are being selected for prizes. I'm dissapointed and feel like I've been wasting my time by entering the contest.

I just recently lost my job from layoffs and find myself alone in a new city that I moved to for this job. I am unable to travel to be with my family this holiday season so I'll be alone for the first time at Christmas. Winning something, anything, would have been nice this holiday. Anyway, I just found it odd that no Canadians have won and wondered if it was a coincidence.
Keep up the great work, you really have a gift for making a change in peoples lives!