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Courtney Ott
Name Courtney Ott
Location Naples, FL
Age 49
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Hobbies Barre/Pilates Classes, Tennis, Travel, volunteering at local agencies, going to the beach, needlepoint, spending time with friends and family!
About Me I'm a homemaker married 25 years to Chad, mother of two sons (Nicholas 19 and Preston 15) love fitness and am hoping to open my own Barre Studio in Naples this year! Live in Naples, FL year round and love the Ellen show - hope to get to see the show in person one day!
Courtney Ott
Ellie Kemper Teaches Ellen Bar Method
512 days ago

Love the Ellen show and now try to be home around 4 each day to catch the show! Was watching today and was watching the Ellie Kemper segment with interest when she talked about the Barre Method. I just finished an Instructor training course for The Booty Barre and think it would be awesome for Ellen to get Tracey Mallett the creator of Booty Barre on her show. Then Ellen can learn more about this awesome workout and why it has become so popular across the nation and world. It really is a very fun but challenging workout that can transform your body in a very short amount of time using these small movements to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. Highly reccomemd asking Tracey to appear asa a future guest - plus she lives in LA!!
Thank you so much,
Courtney Ott
Naples, FL