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Courtney Jennings
Ed Helms, and the winner of 'Ellen Here's My Talent'
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My 3 best friends from high school and I all turned 30 within the past couple of months. 3 of us live in Nashville, TN and 1 of us in San Antonio, TX. We suprised the Texas girl at the airport, who's husband stuck her on a plan telling her nothing (you should read her facebook posts by the way, they are pretty funny for a girl who can never shut up). We all 4 came to Los Angeles for a girls trip and have been trying to get Ellen tickets since January. The only day that we can come is Monday 5/20. Any ideas on better ways to get Ellen tickets? I plan to call the day of ticket #. This will be the last suprise for Jessica (the loud mouth/texas girl/papparazzi). We all LOVE Ellen, two of my friends even left their children for the first time only because they thought that we were going to get to go to Ellen. Please help us get tickets! On Monday we could be the pre-cursor for Tuesday's show with Hayden :)