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corinne martin
Name corinne martin
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Hobbies sewing, reading, eating, some sport, watching the Ellen Show and I love to laugh
About Me I'm 52yr young,(lol) single, no children, unemployed for 14 months,I always want to go to college, but can't afford it right now. I pray to await up the next day and be happy, just to be alive and live. And be thankful for what I got.
corinne martin
Ellen on Her and Portia's 4th Wedding Anniversary
641 days ago

Ellen you are so funny, I can be sad, mad just having a bad day, and i turn you on and I just laugh until i start crying. I pray one day i can come and be your show, just to dance with other people worldwide and to dance with you. I was in an accident this summer, so i couldn't and still can't do anything. but i get to watch you daily. I have no computer I can't go on and watch the after show. So i'm just happy to see your show everyday. Maybe i get lucky and get a ticket to the Ellen Show. Thank you!!!