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Constance Shaw
Name Constance Shaw
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Hobbies Peace activist, Hand Drumming, and Water aerobics
About Me I am a 54 year old Grandma, on disability. I do what I can to keep moving and do my best on a limited in come. I do spent some time on Activism in two areas. One is with Fort Wayne for Peace and Save Maumee Grassroots Organization (this group is concerned with cleaning up local rivers, with focus on the Maumee river.)I would love it if Ellen or someone would watch this youtube video. It is a nine year old young man who spook out on World Peace Day.
Constance Shaw
Exclusive! Ellen Gets Her Birthday Cake
170 days ago

Just watched the video of Ellen when she received her birthday cake. They were beautiful words. I wish I had not missed that show. I will be watching this coming Thursday because it is My Birthday. I am sure I will not be celebrating like someone famous, but I will be celebrating because I have lived past the year my Mother died. She died at the young age of 54 and I will be 55. Eight years ago I told myself I would not live past the age of 54 and here I am. This years is a big one for me. I made it to see my Children grown and my first Grand daughter born. My son and daughter-in-law are expecting a boy in June, but we got bad news this week that he may only have 3 heart valves and may have to have major surgery when he is born. We are praying for the best out come. Not to sadden your day. Just sending out a pray for his survival. Asking for prays never hurts. I am not religious but spiritual. Believe in a higher power where as my son is Catholic and on a different page then me.. Well at least he looks at life that way. Which makes me sad because if all people could except the all God wants is for everyone to love and respect each other not judge other for their difference. So tired of my God is better then you God or Goddess. If people would open up their minds and stop judging then equal rights for same sex marriage,would be excepted world wide, people would stop killing in the name of God Etc... Ok I will step off my soap box... Just want to add one more thing.. Happy Birthday Ellen

Constance Shaw
Win Day 13 of 12 Days!
212 days ago

I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday season... Love watching your show. I try to be home in time just to watch it. I am wondering if you know a link that my friend could use to try and find her Father. She has no idea who he is, and her Mom has given her a few names, but is not sure who he might be... Her friends want to try and help her find him she just wants to know her family history to share with her children. Thank you in advance.