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Ellen, you are so upbeat and you are not "pushing it down". My daughter is "gay"; she is my baby, so I must accept her companions. However, she has had some truly “Bad” ladies come into her life. These people use the fact that I am a Christian and persuade my daughter that I am against her. Well, my meaning for this “post” is an attempted to let the “community” know that their own families “Love them” and deep down in our hearts we only want people who are “genuine’, in their lives. Christ understands the “Love” a mother/family feels for her child. Frankly, my child’s sexuality is her own business. The person she choices to be with must earn acceptance, by being good to my daughter, just as my son-in-law does, ‘mind you’, I often time don’t like him either. Life is not about sex it is about “love” companionship, commitment, and loyalty, only genuine attributes in these disciplines prove true “LOVE” and “LOVE” is not SEX. Sex, is only temporary…..