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About Me I'm a mother of two and an 8th grade teacher at Northlawn Jr. High in Streator Illinois. My kids are going to be 16 and 18 this summer. I miss having little ones. It went so fast and I'm having a little trouble believing my daughter is going off to college to become a teacher this fall! My son wants to be a farmer like his dad and grandpa. I love you and your show. We talk about you all the time at school. Especially when we talk about rights in american history and issues of today in class. You wouldn't believe all of the touchy issues we discuss in my class that you have helped facilitate a respectful atmosphere in and they are only in 8th grade. Thanks for making my job easier!!!
Connie Soulsby
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484 days ago

Ellen,I can't believe it. I wrote you about my school Northlawn Jr. High in Streator Il. and all of the cuts for next year. I also told you about Carol Branz our 8th grade science teacher with cancer. Some unbelievable people in our district and our town put on an amazing benefit for her and we raised about $40,000! Sadly Carol is not well, she couldn't get out of bed to come to the benefit. She is home on hospice. Many teachers in our district came together to support her even though they won't have a job next year! I want to do something for our students and all the people that came together for Carol that would save ART, MUSIC, HOME EC, COMP. SC., and SPORTS in Carol's name. Our school district has over 60% poverty rate and the kids feel helpless to make a change. Our Administration seems to talk only about how terrible our finances are instead of making an effort to fix it. Last time I wrote you I said I was too sad to watch your show I DVR at the end of the day, but after being part of Carol's benefit that had the theme "laughter is the best medicine" we even had t-shirts that said it! I had a wakeup call. Carol made us promise it would be fun no matter what! You wouldn't believe how much like you she is! We sang "Sweet Caroline" and skiped her from the K of C hall to her at home in bed! She is so much like you and always looks at the bright side and the best in people. We have a little saying, "Don't be a dipper." It's hard to explain, but it's our way of reminding each other to be positive. Without her across the hall from me it is sometimes hard for me to remember. Carol has shown nothing but love and respect to everyone she teaches works with and knows. She made it to see the birth of a grand daughter a couple weeks ago! We have been thankful for that! Please help in the name of my dear friend and fellow teacher Carol Branz. Love You and thanks for reminding me to not be a dipper like you and Carol! Love, Connie Soulsby