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Connie Sayler
Name Connie Sayler
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Hobbies Family, quilting, walking, cooking and photography.
About Me I am the mother of two incredible grown children, married and happy! I have raised three puppies for guide dogs for the blind and loved everything about it until we moved to a community where I could no longer do it so we adopted a career change dog from GDB. I spend my time volunteering when I can and working part time.
Connie Sayler
Shutterfly, Changing Lives
546 days ago

Good evening, I just felt compelled to write and let you know how the story of RyShonda and her children touched me. I love it every time you help families who need a helping hand! This story touched me so. What a wonderful woman who is raising some incredible children. Watching them proves how incredible they are. Thank you so very much for making a difference and bringing a smile and a tear. Thank you Ellen, you are a blessing to us all!!!

Connie Sayler
J.R. Martinez's Emotional New Tattoo
597 days ago

JR is amazing and such an inspiration! I am smiling.

Teresa, the young woman who helped today however has set an incredible example for us all! What an incredible loving woman! She is my Hero!

Connie Sayler
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
605 days ago

You always make me smile! I love your outlook on life and all of the wonderful things you do for those in need. You are an inspiration! Thank you.