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Connie Ray
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About Me I am a person with Parkinson's Disease. The diagnosis 6 and a half years ago rocked my world and turned it upside down. I have learned so many things since my diagnosis, for example right now, I've been trying to write a comment to Ellen for more than hour: It's called patience with myself. I wanted to comment about the many faces of PD and how we are all so different in the progression of the disease. Along with many others, I am active in finding a cure for PD, one important activity, I joined the Parkinson's Action Network to do advocacy work on Capitol Hill to secure funding for Parkinson's research to find a PD cure and other PD interest. I am active in our local PD support group, serve on various committees,and have participated in several clinical trials. I am determined to do as much as I can despite effects of PD. I am not going down without the good fight. Most important I am a wife and mother and grandmother, I feel that I have a great positive outlook for almost everything I do and especially with people. If I had one wish, it would beto secure more funding to find a PD cure, I will not stop doing or looking for possibilities to make my "wish come true." Connie Ray
Connie Ray
Michael J. Fox, Max Greenfield
180 days ago

Hi Ellen, I am happy that Michael J. Fox will be on your show tomorrow. I have been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease going on 6 1/2 years. I am grateful for Michael's dedication in finding a PD cure through his foundation.

Thanks to Michel's star status, PD is no longer an unknown disease. In the past it was considered an old person's disease. People as young as teenagers are dealing with this terrible progressive disease.

My purpose for sending this Message, "I would like for Michael's new show to have some of the episodes thatspeak more about PD." There are many faces of Parkinson's. Some can work many years after their PD diagnosis, a few may be able to go back to work, others experience faster progression, others experience pain from muscle rigidity...I could go on and on describing differences, but hope these few examples create a picture of our Parkinson's community. I do realize the show is a comedy with a star who has PD, however, I feel this is a great opportunity for Michael's show to let the world know that all of us who suffer from PD have many challenges and that we are all different in this debilitating disease.

Thanks Ellen, I know that you have a big heart and love to help many people, I hope you will also include those of with PD. We need a cure!!

Connie Ray
Rome, GA